Yoga to Heal from Loss

Life takes its twists and turns and sometimes it's best not to fight the direction it is taking you. As I experienced immense sadness after losing my Mom in early January to a rare auto-immune disease called LGL Leukemia, I needed to disconnect from the virtual world

I'm pretty sure that I'm still experiencing the stages of grief, though I'm able to function quite well in my day to day life as I find such distractions are helpful. My Mom often pops into my thoughts and it makes me smile but there are also times when those thoughts can bring on heavy loss and sadness. What I have found helpful is meditation and breath practice with asana ~ Yoga.

Meditation ~ The universal sound of "Om" filled my 3 hour flight from Orlando to Boston. I listened to it on my headphones using the free timer app called Insight Timer. This app has personal goals and community features, a timer, and many wonderful guided meditations that you can chose depending on how you're feeling at the present moment. Just do a quick search in the App Store to find it.

Breathing ~ I've also used lots of yoga breath techniques like: equal ratio breathing, lions breath, bees breath, breath of joy, and Ujjayi breathing to find a more peaceful and calming state. At times, I've coupled the breath with a saying (mantra) that encourages a positive thought by breathing in and breathing out while saying a verse in my head. This is often helpful in the evening when trying to fall asleep. Anyone can learn these breath techniques, look online or ask your yoga teacher (Me!) to teach you.

Asana ~ seated on a pillow with legs crossed or seated on a block with knees bent. Hands lying on knees palms up or palms down. This easy seated pose is one that we can all vary according to our bodies. Of course, there are hundreds of Asana (poses) you can choose to do.

Peace, Love, Joy