When I think of technology, I think about social connections and wonder how many of these connections are actually relationshipsRelationships can be defined using categories like spouse, family, friends, co-workers, and/or aquaintances.  However, rather than defining relationships by these categories, I suggest we take a mind/body approach to defining our relationships. Most of us are in relationships because they create happiness and provide an overall "good feeling."  (Though, even the best relationships in life can turn hurtful at times.)  Lets all take a look at our most important relationships and choose which of these relationships we want to build, nurture, or quite possibly, let go of in the coming year. Healthy relationships are like vitamins for our minds creating a sense of wholeness or belonging, perhaps they fill an empty space, or create overall happiness.  We must take time to nurture the relationships that are important to us, much like we have learned to nurture and care for ourselves.The investment in a good relationship is likely to lead to living a healthy lifestyle, because good relationships can lower stress, increase "feel good" hormones, and develop peace and contentment.  So, I suggest that we all harness our own power and choose relationships in our lives that we want to invest in, ones that make us feel whole, happy, and healthy.  And, don't be surprised if you find that the remaining relationships are merely connections.