Wrap It Up

As we wrap-up 2013 and reflect back on the year, we may reflect on a year of changes—whether these changes lifted us "up" or brought us "down." I suggest we spend more time reflecting on the "ups," while redirecting thoughts to the present moment when the "downs" creep into our minds. Let's stick to the 80/20 rule; 80 "up" and 20 "down." 

Our mind is a powerful tool that can be exercised to work in a healthy way or it can be trained to work in an unhealthy way. By focusing on the ups, we can build stronger bodies and happier spirits.

An example that came to mind today while reading the news is remembering and paying tribute to those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor. We stop to remember this devastating time in history, we recognize pray for those who died or lost loved ones. Next, we train our mind to "let, go" or wrap it up. Traumatic events, whether we are impacted directly or not, create stress hormone that can wreak havoc on our immune systems.

Here are some ideas to "let, go" or wrap it up:

  • Physical activity may reduce stress hormones.
  • Talk with friends, family or someone who has experienced a similar trauma.
  • Avoid doing anything to an extreme or intensity that doesn’t feel right to your body. 
  • Eat more whole foods and limit foods with preservatives.
  • Check in with your body to be sure that it is responding well to your approach.
  • Acknowledge and adjust what you’re doing to feel better.
  • Watch a funny movie and laugh out loud.
  • Be kind to your mind and your body.

~ To wrap it up, I wish you and yours a safe and healthy holiday season.