Question: How do we create body enduranceAnswer: We build body endurance through a regular cardiovascular workout and/or training our muscles to the point of fatigue.  Workouts that are done frequently, consistently and repetitively help us gain body endurance. Those of us seeking body endurance may experience these results if we commit to a defined goal.

My blog is all about the mind/body connection.  So, let’s discuss how to create this same endurance in our minds. First, we must define a reachable goal.  The goal might be an educational degree, personal or emotional change, or a milestone such as running a marathon. By using the same strategy of staying committed to the goal, and by using the same frequent, consistent, and repetitive practice, we can change the way we think about a situation. Endurance of the mind requires commitment and can be more challenging than building body endurance because it requires that we learn how to persevere through challenging situations—that may be out of our control.  Endurance of the mind may also mean accepting something that is hard to accept. Think of something in your life that took all your willpower to just hang in there. Then, identify what you did to endure through that situation. Keep in mind that you may have done it without even knowing you were practicing endurance. It is likely that your endurance came from inner strength that you didn’t realize you had inside of you. Moments like these make us realize that we DO have power over our own thoughts; we have power to endure even the most difficult situations.  In yoga, one of the ways we practice endurance is by learning to stay in the present moment.  We learn to avoid dwelling on what happened in the past and avoid focusing too much on what might happen in the future. This is a great way to cope or endure during life’s most difficult situations; it is a way to train our minds like we train our bodies.  So, the next time you think you can’t make it through a difficult situation, stay present, focus on the present, and know that you’ll make it.  Combine endurance of the mind and body and see how powerful you become.