The past week has been quite busy and more than once I found myself praying for balance. I think we all crave balance in our lives though it is often out of our control. We think of balance as purely physical, though it can also be applied to the mind. 

Physical balance is most familiar to all of us, experienced as we balance on a bike, skate, or climb stairs. For seniors or those with a medical condition like vertigo, physical balance can be challenging. Balance can also be defined from a mind perspective. For example, in a yoga practice, participants are told to focus their eyes on the floor in front of them (a focal point or dristi). When the mind is clear, physical balance improves. However, when the mind is distracted by thoughts or actions one may lose their dristi and their balance. If we can quiet our mind, we create clarity and encounter mind and body balance or wholeness. Only then are we equipped to conquer yoga balance poses more easily and make smarter decisions throughout our day.

I felt out of balance this week when my time was overextended beyond the hours in the day. My desire to put 100 percent effort into everything I do got compromised and a sense of inadequacy crept into my mind. So, I cleared my mind through a few of the techniques that I share with you in a list below. These techniques helped me to regain mind and body balance (wholeness), give one a try or create some of your own.

  • Disconnect for 10-20 minutes from electronics (no texting, no computer, no phone)
  • Listen to healing, spa or yoga music (Michael Franti, Deva Pramal, Snatam Kaur)
  • Drive with no radio playing (this can be relaxing if you find an open road)
  • Have a warm non-alcoholic drink (preferably caffeine free, i.e. tea, coffee, milk)
  • Take a walk alone (or with your pet) and bring awareness to the beauty of nature 
  • Dedicate a quiet corner in your home with no distractions (read, stretch, meditate)