Simplify: KISS

I learned the KISS principle from a college professor who assigned my television production class a documentary due at semester end. He shared a helpful piece of advice and called it KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). At the time, I thought KISS was brilliant because I had very little time to put into the documentary assignment taking a full course load, internship, work study program, and a job waiting tables at a local restaurant for tuition money. My life was far from simple.

Now, more than twenty years later, I find that I remain driven to pursue multiple areas of interests at one time and life can get complicated. This is what recently brought me back to the need to KISS, which often presents itself as a complete lack of focus, going in multiple directions at one time, and putting mind/body needs on hold. This lack of focus can limit one's level of success and ability to master any one area of interest. Have you experienced this effect in your life? Here’s a hint on how you might know…typically, your body will send some warning signals to you. It is possible that you lack a good night’s sleep, you may get sick more often, or experience an overall feeling of stress. 

I encourage you to try out KISS. Start by identifying when you are having trouble focusing on one thing. Choose something to focus on for that day. Acknowledge the difference in how you feel. Apply KISS to everyday of your life.

Honor your body and live simply without giving up your drive. ~KISS.