There was a time when patience felt unnatural to me, though I’ve learned to practice an exceptional amount of patience since my youngest son was born. He is an incredibly bright teen with autism and though he amazes me at times, he also challenges me to find patience within that I never knew existed.

I’ve also learned to practice patience when eating dinner and watching others at the table, while they glance down at their cell phone with total disregard to a conversation taking place. (It appears that what was once poor etiquette has become common practice today.) Has this ever happened to you?  If yes, you were practicing patience.

To me, patience is taking a moment to breathe so that one has time to think before reacting. Yoga has taught me to breathe and it can help you, too.  In a yoga practice, your breath is your Prana (or life force). The theory is that without breath there can be no movement, which works quite nicely in a Vinyasa (flow-style) practice. 

In life, I’d suggest that we breathe allowing time to pass so that we can practice patience when we need it most –continuing to focus on your breath will give your mind a way to determine the next best thing to do or say. Thus, breathing is a way to practice patience.