Top Five Moments Guaranteed to Make You Unhappy

  1. Skipping a workout
  2. Being alone
  3. Overeating
  4. Getting lost
  5. Losing a game

If you recognize any of the above mentioned unhappy moments, remember they are just that…moments.  There is danger if we link these unhappy moments together because they can cause overall unhappiness. To break such patterns and to create happiness, bring awareness to what is causing the unhappy moment and then make positive changes.

  1. A missed workout can be solved by replacing it with a 15-20 minute series of exercises that can be done anywhere, regardless of equipment needs or a large gym environment. Stay committed for happiness and don’t beat yourself up—remember doing something is better than doing nothing. Seek help from a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutritionist or friend for alternative workouts. 
  2. If we find ourselves alone too often, make plans with friends or family in advance and mark them on the calendar, then look forward to the future plans. Learn to enjoy the pure Zen-like feeling of your own company experiencing the freedom to do whatever you love to do most without compromise and enjoy happiness.
  3. Stop overeating by learning to portion control when snacking or preparing meals.  Find ways to distract yourself from the kitchen with a hobby. Overeating can be linked to unhappiness, so this chain can actually loop continuously if the cause is not identified. Seek help to identify triggers and set-up a support system for happiness
  4. Getting lost or losing a game can be upsetting but it doesn’t need to impact overall happiness. Consider such minor events as single moments and let go of the anger or frustration as quickly as it happened. Develop new strategies to avoid such moments like: review directions in advance, learn time management skills, and realize that winners sometimes have to be losers (it is part of life).