Let’s face it~ most change is accompanied by anxiety, worry and sometimes anger. There are small changes that we resist in our day-to-day, like a detour during a morning commute or a skipped cup of coffee due to lack of time. Then, there are big life changes, like entering college, getting married, making a move, or starting a new job. Our ability to adapt to change can bring a settled mind and a healthy body. That is why most of us prefer balance and routine and resist the unsettling feel of change.

Have you ever heard someone say, “It was a life-changing experience?” That is how we re-train ourselves to think about change. If there is something making you feel unhappy or stagnant in life, embracing change is the only way to make a change. There may be the occasional butterflies in the stomach as we enter something new or unfamiliar but if we seek strength and maybe even fake some confidence (through positive self-talk) it will be easier to take the first step toward change.

To practice acceptance of change, try taking a new route to work or change your after work routine. I highly recommend making a change in physical activity, by adding a lunchtime walk or trying a new exercise format. This kind of change will help your mind and your body stay flexible. By making even a small change in your life, it will help you cope better when an unexpected change happens beyond your control.

If you experience resistance to change, allow time for the change to become your new routine. As my Dad reminded me years ago, “time” is a 4-letter word. When it comes to change, this is true.