Shhh, Quiet

It all started when my son said, “Mom, you don’t know what to do when you have free time.” My response, “What do you mean”? He continued, “When you have free time, you always find something to do to fill the time.”

Can you imagine how such a comment from someone who means the world to you can feel like a stab to the heart (ego)? “This can’t be true,” I thought. “I’m a yoga instructor, I know how to embrace free time.”

I spent the next few minutes reflecting on his comment. Was this a very wise observation from a sixteen-year old or was I just being harassed? It was then that I realized I’m so used to being on the go that I have trouble coming to a full stop.

My biggest challenge was to find and embrace quietness. I know for me to wind down physically and mentally, I need to turn down the volume. This isn’t easy in a house full of constant sounds from televisions, radios, smartphones and laptops—all an endless loop of static and noise.

On the first day that I tried not to fill my free time, I took my younger son to the pool. There were lots of people with the same idea, which made it hard to enjoy the free time. The following day I tried sitting on the patio with a cup of tea, trying not to think of all the things I could be getting done. The most successful day was when I chose to lie down in my bedroom for 20 minutes with my iPhone stopwatch scheduled to wake me up. This was a success!  

I’m learning to schedule 15-30 minutes out of my day for quiet time and I’m working on making sure I don’t fill all my free time. I do feel the mind/body benefits of less neck and jaw tension along with more focus and less brain fog.

Shhh, quiet, I'm winding down now. I hope you'll do the same after this read.