Ah-ha Moments

It isn’t every day that we experience something so profound that we feel exhilarated by the mere presence of a thought as it brings us peace of mind. I once heard that these moments are called “ah-ha” moments.

While having lunch with friends recently, our discussion led to how we define meditation. This brought a significant “ah-ha” moment to life and I want to share it with you. Every person at lunch defined meditation differently, though all were striving for the same outcome—a clear mind. One person said, “I don’t really meditate but I go for a walk.” For this person, a walk is what brings peace of mind and clearer thoughts. It is her version of meditation.

Meditation doesn’t need to be translated in the conventional sense as one sitting quietly, cross-legged, seated in front of a candle. Meditation may look and feel different than you expect. For one person, physical activity may lead to a clear mind, while another person may prefer a more traditional approach surrounded by stillness. The goal is to create a space allowing no thoughts for a few moments, thus a clear mind that is brilliantly clear like looking through a new pair of glasses.

My meditation practice varies according to the day. I sometimes find solace in physical activity but at times I sit quietly repeating a simple mantra in my mind (positive phrase). Last spring, I began listening to Deva Premal and Miten’s guided meditation and found it offered another new personal approach to meditation.

Remember our minds our connected to our bodies and a clear mind means a healthy body. Please share how you practice meditation, what was your “ah-ha” moment.