How you feel about yourself has a direct influence on your attitude. Activity can generally bring on positive feelings and a good attitude.  

Try using movement as soon as you wake up in the morning to get your blood flowing, to generate heat and energy, and to bring on a good attitude.

Here are some simple stretches to try. Start by sitting at the side of your bed with feet on the floor:

  • Seated Cat/Cow: Put hands on thighs with elbows reaching away from body. Inhale: lift your chest to the ceiling and inhale. Exhale: round your back with chin toward chest and pull navel into your spine. Repeat.
  • Head turns: Sitting upright. Inhale: Turn your head to the left Exhale: lower your chin toward your left shoulder. Inhale: Lift chin Exhale: Return to center. Repeat sequence to the right side. Return to center.
  • Side Bends: Hands on bed beside your hips. Inhale: Lift your right arm Exhale: reach overhead to your left. Inhale: Return right hand above right shoulder Exhale: return right hand next to hip on bed. Repeat sequence to the left side. Return to center.