Full - STOP

Have you ever felt like you’re running on a hamster wheel going from one thing to the next, living with high levels of stress and no time to enjoy the little things in life? Then, STOP.

I came to a full-STOP a few weeks ago, because I felt my mind racing and my body nearing exhaustion. My full-STOP was spent doing a 5 minute meditation from an app called “Insight Timer.” This weekend, I intend on taking a full-STOP for a few hours, too.  Here’s how to take a full-STOP:


A full-STOP requires that you prioritize what must get done, while identifying what can be rescheduled to a different day. Make a conscious choice to let go of any feelings of obligation when having to postpone commitments relating to our jobs, family, and friends.

Determine Length

A full-STOP may be different for everybody. It may mean clearing your schedule for an hour, an evening or an entire weekend. Whatever it takes to recharge your batteries, get needed rest, and nurture your mind and body.

Feel Better

You will feel better and see things more clearly after a full-STOP