Make a Choice --Then Let Go

In the past year, there have been several people in my life who I admire for making life changing choices. Some of these people are living a better lifestyle, while others are working out the kinks but staying positive on their journey. 

We all have choices in life relating to work, relationships, or even health. These life choices are tough and often scary and there are no guarantees a choice will work out as planned. Though once a choice is made, it is important to let go of the tendency to re-evaluate a decision. Re-evaluating can lead to negative thoughts and cause anxiety or depression thus inflicting harm to mind body health. By repeating positive thoughts about a life choice, it is more likely to result in a positive outcome and keep us moving forward. 

Our past experiences can help us make better choices. Though there will always be times when a choice doesn’t work out-- and that is the time to accept and move on. So, if you happen to be re-evaluating a life choice, it is time to let go! If things don’t improve after 6-months to a year, then allow yourself to make a new choice (or plan). There are very few things in life that are permanent, change is imminent. The only constant is YOU!