Nobody's Perfect

In talking with a dear friend recently, I realized how harsh people can be to themselves with negative self-judgment. I decided to research this for my blog and spent a week listening to acquaintances, friends and family members, reinforcing this negative self-judgment pattern (including me). The negative phrases were things like, “I’m out of shape. I’m not good at (fill in the blank). I have tight hamstrings. I hate my job.” These thoughts are toxic to the mind and certain to steal what might otherwise be a GOOD DAY. Negative self-judgment can trick the mind into a series of negative thoughts and can even attract more negativity like a magnet.

Unfortunately, the negative self-judgment is often a result of past experiences or one’s own comparison to others. When negative self-judgment arises in your mind, it is important to remember, “Nobody’s Perfect.” Now, granted there are things beyond our control, though in times of adversity a positive self-judgment can help you handle anything that comes your way. If you find yourself in negative self-judgment, I’ve come up with a recipe that I want you to try.



1.      Add one positive thought about yourself.

  •  I have nice (fill in the blank).
  •  I am a good (fill in the blank).
  •  I excel at (fill in the blank).

2.      Repeat and stir positive thought at least 10-50 times or until you believe it.

  • Write it down and post it somewhere to remind yourself.
  •  Say it out loud
  • Sing it out loud

3.      Don’t forget to add a pinch of, “Nobody’s Perfect.”

DIRECTIONS: Re-use the positive thought every day for 365 days. Alternatively, repeat recipe daily, weekly or monthly.

HINT: Positive thoughts will lead to more positive thoughts = A GOOD DAY