Put A String on Your Finger

Do you remember the old saying that if you put a string on your finger, it will remind you of something you need to do? After experiencing extended wait times this week, I was reminded of the importance of practicing patience. Though without a string on my finger, I worry that this is a lesson I will quickly forget. 

The world is moving so fast around us, we tend to join its pace and forget patience. Companies are aware of our lack of patience and they cater to it. Think about it for a moment? The fast food industry figured this out long ago, they allow us to drive through for speedy and convenient service to receive food in minutes. Automotive dealers advertise that they can help us purchase a car without wait. Even the local supermarket provides online deli ordering so our cold cuts are wrapped and ready for pick up when we arrive at the deli. Country star, Miranda Lambert, has a new hit song, “Automatic,” which says it all.

When our need for speediness isn't met, it can cause a surplus of negative emotions like anxiety, frustration, fear and even anger. Negative emotions can take a toll on our health. It may be necessary to put a string on your finger (or on your mobile device since this is 2014) as a reminder to practice patience. Either through observation or experience, we all may find that “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.”

Here are some ideas for practicing patience:

  • Plan extra blocks of time around appointments
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Pay attention to the little things around you that bring happiness
  • Breath calmly by taking light inhales and deep exhales
  • Carry something with you to read (either on paper or on a mobile device)