No More Monkey Mind!

Are your thoughts jumping from one thing to the next, worrying about what happened or what is about to happen? For most people, this becomes a way of life and it is referred to as, monkey mind, in yoga. Learning to take those thoughts and put them on a shelf might be easier said than done. An approach that has worked for me is learning to stay in the present moment. That means, I focus on the here and now and don’t worry about what happened minutes ago or what is going to happen later in the day or week. We all have calendars on our smartphones or in paper version (and some of us have both) to keep track of things and ring us for what is up next. Allow yourself to stay present whenever possible to ease monkey mind and find yourself enjoying moments that you might otherwise be missing.

Here are my top 5 suggestions for staying present:

1)      Be prepared and learn to avoid procrastination (Practice, stay organized, and relax)

2)      Be kind to yourself and use positive affirmations (I’m a good ______.)

3)      Use all 5 senses and take notice of your surroundings (nature, pets, friends, music, foods)

4)      Cherish the little things in life and identify reasons to be grateful (for a sunny day, a catnap)

5)      Preserve daily rituals that provide comfort and balance (a cup of tea, a 10 minute stretch)