Dealing with change can be overwhelming at times for even the most flexible and open-minded person. When change is thrust upon us, it can be very difficult to navigate at first but given time it can be a new kind of normalcy. Sometimes we choose to make changes in life, while other times it is due to things beyond our control. It may be a move, job, new school, relationship, illness, or injury, and no matter which one it is, we must not fight change. Why, you ask? That fight will mess with our minds and cause immense stress that can lower our immune system.

In a life focused on having a healthy mind and body, we learn to navigate through change with as little stress as possible. Accepting or committing to make the change is of primary importance. Next, is to establish a support system of familiar feel-good things and people. This can help us shift into the newness of change.

A support system might include things that have worked for us in the past like a particular workout routine, favorite breakfast food, a morning radio show, or a person -- all of which remain a positive experience for us. Each of these will provide comfort as we transition to a change. In the end, we must stay the course and know that we’ll survive the change, if we care for both our mind and body.