Reach Your Goal

Do you set goals for yourself? Have you ever been distracted with life circumstances only to find that you’ve strayed from your original goal?

By staying focused on a goal, we commit to ourselves-- an important step in nurturing mind and body. Regardless of the time it takes to reach your goal, whether a few days or a few years, the accomplishment is equally satisfying when a goal is reached. That satisfaction creates positive thoughts, good feelings, and a healthier body and mind. By practicing “non-attachment” to distractions in life, we remain focused on reaching a goal. For example, detach from negative thoughts, avoid thinking you can't do something or that someone can do it better.

Here are some key steps for eliminating distractions and staying focused on a goal:

  • Identify the goal. Write a clear goal with steps, timeframe, and associated cost.
  • Tell friends and family about your goal to solidify a commitment and make it more real.
  • Take the first step toward your goal by researching and possibly finding a mentor.
  • Think positive thoughts of successfully reaching your goal, i.e.: “I will own my own business.”
  • Every morning, repeat your goal before starting your day. (Put a sticky on your mirror with your goal written on it.)
  • Remove any distractions that take you away from your goal. (Competition can be a very big distraction, redirect your thoughts away from competition.)
  • Your goal may evolve from its original state, allow for flexibility
  • Celebrate successful steps along the way to your goal and enjoy the journey!