Norwex is another great company with clean living products, if chemicals are a concern to you.

I was introduced to Norwex by a family friend visiting from Washington State during the holidays. I asked her what she was using on her skin, because I noticed her skin had a beautiful, natural glow to it.

It led to my purchasing Norwex make-up removal clothes and I’m pleased with the results. Based on my understanding, the clothes have microscopic threads of silver in them that act as a natural cleanser. The Norwex cloth takes off my make-up easily just by using water and there is no need to use make-up remover or soap. It feels like the micro-fibers in the cloth lightly exfoliate my skin removing dirt and residue.  

Norwex make-up removal clothes come in a pack of 3 for $19.99 plus shipping. These clothes can be used indefinitely with proper laundering. I've found that cleaning them according to directions has been easy and they look like new even after 3-months of use. 

Truthfully, I was hoping to get my skin to glow like my friend’s and I think it does! For more information, here is my friend’s Norwex web site.