Shaklee Get Clean Kit for Earth Day - April 22

April 22 is Earth day, the worldwide day of observance highlighting the need to protect the Earth’s environment. What better time to share a product highlight about a favorite Earth-friendly product Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit that I purchased for the first time in 2007.

I chose to purchase the entire kit my first time, because it was the least expensive way to try all of the Shaklee Get Clean products. My two favorite products are Basic H and Scour Off -- both lasted me more than a year before I had to reorder.

Basic H is an all purpose green cleaner that you can use on all surfaces in place of things like Fantastic, Windex and other cleaning products. It is so concentrated, you can use several drops of Basic H in a spray bottle with water to clean for weeks and then re-use the spray bottle year round. Basic H can also be used full strength to treat laundry or carpet stains.

Scour Off is absolutely amazing and smells delightful (I never use that word but it’s true.) A very small amount of the berry smelling cleaner is enough for the entire bathroom shower or tub, it can also be used in the kitchen, or my favorite place to use it is to remove stains on cooking pots and pans.

A worth mentioning and one of the least expensive items here are the Dryer Sheets, they leave no residue on clothes and results are better than regular dryer sheets from the supermarket. I’ve even added a couple drops of Lavender essential oil to the dryer sheet before tossing into the dryer for nice smelling bed sheets.

For more information, here is a link to the Get Clean Products via my Shaklee web site.